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You may already know me as a Militaria enthusiast and a regular participant in both military and historical re-enactments across the UK. However I have also been a collector and dealer in original military antiques and collectibles for many years now, with a well established professional reputation and a growing network of contacts.

D.A.K Militaria offers high quality militaria to fellow collectors with a wide range of interests and budgets catered for. If you don't see the item you are looking for then please get in touch on my contact page and I'll try my hardest to source it.

I am constantly adding new items to the website so whether you are a new collector or just venturing into the fascinating field of Militaria, I invite you to browse my website.

Please note at this time we only deliver to Mainland UK but also offer free collection. If you require delivery outside the UK, please get in touch before ordering to discuss this. Payment can be made over the phone and we accept all major credit/debit cards, we are also happy to take bank transfer, paypal or payment on collection. All sales are subject to our terms & conditions and legal requirements within UK law.

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Thomas Bollen.
Owner & Founder
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WWI Webely & Scott MKIII Flare Pistol, dated 1915
Field Marshal's hat as used in the 1951 film "The Desert Fox" starring James Mason.
SA80/L85 Iron Sights/Carry Handel
Kent Constabulary Cap and Badge (Kings Crown) Kent Police
MagPul E-Mags
Stay Bright Queens Crown RAF Cap Badge
Genuine British Military Issue Queens Crown W02 Sleeve Insignia
Royal Marine Cap Badge
Buffs (Royal East Kent) Royal East Kent (The Buffs) Regiment Shoulder Title
Deactivated Heckler and Koch P2A1 26.5mm flare pistol
Essex Regiment Essex Regiment Shoulder Title
WW2 Finish Army Suomi Coffin Magazine Reloader Tikkakoski Arsenal Marked
Orignal WW2 Soviet PPSH-41 Drum magazine pouch
East Surrey Regiment Beret And Cap Badge (Kings Crown)
Rare k98 Bayonet (Elite-Diamant 1938)
WW2 k98 bayonet S178K Gebr Heller
ww1 Argyl and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment Cap Badge
Royal Army Education Corps Cap Badge Queens Crown
Royal Regiment Of Wales RRW Beret Badge.
British Army DPM Gortex over trousers.
10 Empty Brass 5.56mm Casings On A Metal SA80/ L85 Stripper Clip
WW1 Era Royal Flying Corps
British Army Royal Engineers stable belt.
Brand New United Nations Beret Size 50
MGC Walther P38 Magazine
Colt 380 Auto Magazine
No4 Spike/Pig Sticker Bayonet
WW2 Era British army 37 pattern webbing belt.
Czech Czechoslovakian Army Gas Mask M-10 Complete set CZ Gas Mask
British Army DPM Helmet Cover will fit the MK6 Helmet
First World War British Army Bandage Dated April 1918
British Army Foot and Body Powder
WW2 Bren Gun Magazine box Medic Box
SA80/L85 DPM Bayonet Scabbard/Frog 1992 Dated
Lee Enfield SMLE and No4 Rifle Sling
SLR Rifle Sling
58 Pattern Browning high power holster 1982 dated.
West German Army Survival Knife
Original Mk4 RAF Ration Tins
Reproduction Spitfire Pilots Notes.
Reproduction Pilots Notes On How To Operate A Lancaster Bomber.
Original WW1 Canadian Collor Badge
Post WW2 Royal Marines Cal Badge (Queens Crown)
Russian Type II AK Bayonet
South African R1 FN FAL Bayonet
US Army M1 Helmet and Liner
U.S. Made Inert WW2 Boxed 303 Ammunition
Original Wartime RAF .303 Cartridges & Box for Synchronized Guns US Made Winchester
ww2 37 pattern RAF Webbing
37 pattern RAF water canteen carrier
Original British Army / RAF 37 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier
Pair of WW2 British '37 Pattern Brace Extenders / Attachments
British Army Marked Browning High Power Magazines
1941 Dated Mg34 50 Drum
Old spec deactivated WWII Lee Enfield No4 MKI*
Deactivated ww2 British April 1945 dated No5 MK1 Jungle Carbine
WWII 1943 Dated German MG34 machine gun spare barrel transit case
RAF Regiment Flight Lieutenant Officer Rank Slides
British Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) Rank Slides
1941 dated first aid manual by the British Red Cross
Old Spec Deactivated AG42 1943 DATED.
Deactivated Wood Stocked SLR.
Orignal 1945 Dated 37 Pattern Gators Size 2
Reproduction KayKanvas 37 Pattern Belt And Webley Holster
Genuine Officers Royal Observer Corps ROC Metal Cap Badge Q/C
Victorian Irish lights lighthouse cap badge
Royal Green Jackets Cap Badge
A Pair Of REME Cap Badges
5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards OR's cap badge
Royal Highland Fusiliers Bi-Metal Cap Badge - Queen's Crown
A Rare Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Royal Air Force Pilot Badge, Dated 1930 On Rear.
WWII Sterling 2″ Flight Surgeon Wings
WW2 Pattern US Navy Pilot Wings Clutch Fitting.
1944 Dated British Army C Clip Pliers
1944 Dated British Military Elliot Lucas Pliers
1945 Dated Compass Dividers.
1950 Dated British Army Jerry Can.
37 Pattern RAF Large Pack
East German AK47 Cleaning Kit Inside Original Tin
1955 Dated British Army Jack Knife  Manufactured by J.H Thompson Cutlery Ltd C.C 1286
WW2 NO4 Spike Bayonet Singer Manufacturing Co.
44 Pattern Belt. Undated.
44 Pattern Machete Sheaf 1945 Dated.
Deactivated Romanian AKMS 1975 Dated.
Rare Late War PPSh 41 Magazine
2 ZB26-30 Magazines In A Leather Magazine Pouch
58 Pattern Browning High Power Holster
37 Pattern Sten Gun Magazine Pouch
ZB26-30 Spare Magazines.
British Army SA80 LTLE CLASS 3B Laser System with Case
Matching Numbers 1938 Date K98 Bayonet With Scabbard.
A scarce British WW1 P1907 SMLE bayonet by VICKERS, dated January 1918. Only 10000 ever produced.
No4 MK II Singer Pig Sticker Bayonet
WW2 NO4 Lee Enfield Pig Sticker Bayonet Made By Baird’s of Belfast.
Indian SMLE Bayonet No.1 mk II* with scabbard.
British WW1 Trench Fighting Knife. 1888 Pattern Bayonet Conversion