WW2 NO4 Lee Enfield Pig Sticker Bayonet Made By Baird’s of Belfast.

WW2 British army issue No4 MkII Pig Sticker bayonet to fit the No4 service rifle in its steel scabbard by the scarce maker Baird’s of Belfast. Socket stamped to the right side No4 MkII BEC N96, the war time production code for Bairds Engineering Co of Belfast next to a Broad Arrow ordnance ownership mark and Crowned IG inspection stamp. In its regulation pattern BLUED steel scabbard. The standard British WW2 issue bayonet to fit the No4 rifle adopted in 1941, the No4 was little more than a screw driver blade welded onto a boss that fitted over the barrel of the rifle, it worked well enough but unlike the more conventional knife bayonets it could not be used as a fighting knife. Baird manufactured 101103 No4 bayonets between 1942 and 44 and are unique in having a steel pin retained blade unlike the welded blades fitted by all other manufacturers. In good condition with well marked socket, clean blade and working catch. A scarce variant of the ubiquitous No4 bayonet. This example comes in what we believe to be a SMLE parade Frog.

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