Old Spec Deactivated SLR/FAL

||SOLD|| This is a rare military issued ANC marked FN FAL / SLR - self loading rifle. The initials ANC are an abbreviation for "Army Nationale Congolese" from the democratic republic of Congo. Dated 1964, it also bears the serial number from a British SLR and British manufactured parts with broad arrow acceptance stamps. FN supplied quantities of these FAL's to the ANC, however small batch are known to have found there way to Rhodesia where they were used by SAS units. The SAS were known to have been deployed on covert operations in the Congo and surrounding areas in the 1960s. This rare rifle is in superb condition throughout with unblemished black plastic furniture and crisp parkarized finish. Deactivated to old specifications it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.This example comes with it's original nylon sling. Better Images to follow. We also have an SLR bayonet for sale separately. ||SOLD||

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