Old Spec Deactivated AG42 1943 DATED.

A Rare WWII Swedish Ljungman AG42 or M/42 Self Loading Rifle chambered in 6.5mm. Although Sweden remained neutral during WWII it remained under threat and feared invasion from Nazi German and the Russian's, both counties eager to increased its terrorises. However, it did allow the German army use it's railways and let the Allies use it's air bases and train forces from Norway and Denmark . But fearing an invasion Sweden quickly produced it own military self loading rifle and in 1942 the Automatgever M/42 was adopted to arm its forces. Very few were made ; only 30,000. This is example is dated 1943 with matching numbers. It has fairly unique action and cocks by pushing the top cover forward over the bolt and then back, very clever!  It has the correct sling, The brass disc is often mistaken as regimental, it is in fact reference to the rifles calibre , accuracy and bore quality. A rare rifle from WWII that would fit with either allied or an axis collection. Deactivated in 1993 to old specifications it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. A great piece of firearms history and would look great in any collection.

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