Deactivated VZ24 rifle dated 1938

||SOLD|| This is a Second World War Czechoslovakian VZ24 rifle dated 1938. A very interesting rifle. Originally it would have been issued to a member of the Czech armed forces shortly before Germany invaded later that year (1938). Once Czechoslovakia was under Nazi control all arms were seized and issued to Nazi personnel and pro Nazi Czech forces. The Nazis re-designated it as the Gewehr 24(t). The Vz24 is based on the WW1 German Gew98 and also shares similarities with the K98, chambering the same 7.92mm round. As with all Czech made arms it is beautifully engineered. As a rule, the Nazis issued most captured weapons to second line units, such as police and prison guards etc. This also included the SS who, initially as a paramilitary force were not considered worthy of the latest German weaponry. This example is still in great condition with lovely wood work and is fitted with a original fore sight cover. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired. Also comes with deactivation certificate ||SOLD||

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